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Resources developed by Peacemakers to support peace education in schools. 

Learning for Peace

Learning for Peace includes a book and online resources for primary schools wanting to bring fresh approaches to pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. SMSC dovetails with the core ideas of Education for Peace which are presented through 5 themes – Inner Peace, Peaceful Choices, Peaceful Actions and Behaviours; Peaceful Relationships and Peaceful Communities.

Click here to view the resources which accompany the book.

The book and online resources costs £30 plus P&P, £20 per copy if you buy 3 or more.

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Quaker meetings: in May 2016 we wrote to all Quaker meetings in England inviting them to buy Learning for Peace as a gift for their local primary school. Local meetings can still order books for this purpose. Contact us for details.

Magic Carpet

Our Magic Carpet is made of high quality cotton and has been designed by children. The 'carpet' is used at the end of our Peacemaker sessions to affirm a person. If you're lucky enough to get on the Magic Carpet, people share positive thoughts and comments about you.  Our free Magic Carpet resource and template certificate can be downloaded from our resources page. 

Our Magic Carpets cost £20 each.

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Restorative Prompt Cards

These gorgeous cards are conveniently sized to fit in a wallet, lanyard or back pocket. They are made from plastic and are really durable. For those of you who have had the Peacemakers Restorative Training, this is a lovely tool for you to have and keep. 

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Free Classroom Resources

Some of our favourite games and activities for you to try. 


Chatterboxes can be used as conversation starters in the classroom. We use them in Peacemaker circles. Play a game to mix up everyone in the class and then give a chatterbox to groups of 4 children. Let them play a few rounds and have a discussion, then gather their thoughts and ideas.

Circle Time Games

Some of our favourite games for you to enjoy with your class!



Affirmation activities help raise the self-esteem of pupils in your class. Try them at the end of the day or at the end of the week.



In Focus - Resource Sheets

These information sheets contain links to resources to support discussions about peace through different themes.



Peace in the News

Articles about Peacemakers, peace education and restorative approaches in schools.


How to be a Peaceful School: Practical ideas, stories and inspiration

Promote peace at school with this practical guide, which provides a simple four step system for improving wellbeing and nurturing the potential of pupils and staff. It is full of easy-to-implement anti-stress and anti-bullying strategies, plus ideas for getting children interested in peace on a global level. This book includes a chapter from Peacemakers. Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP). Buy through JKP and you can get 10% off, by using the discount code: Y18.

Faith and Experience in Education: Essays from Quaker perspectives

This book emerges from a deep concern about the direction of educational policy in the last decade and its effects on children, teachers and school leaders. It addresses contemporary educational issues from the perspectives of justice, peace, equality and truth, and is informed by Quaker approaches to these values. It presents a coherent approach to education, including subject teaching, that resonates with the authors' deep integrity in practice and in making sense of education.  The book includes a chapter from Peacemakers. 

Useful Websites

Other organisations doing work in the pursuit of peace and peace education.