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Special Educational Needs

Peacemakers Course

The Peacemakers Course consists of one hour weekly workshops providing children and young people with the opportunity to develop social and emotional skills including listening, cooperation and empathy.

What’s involved?

These weekly workshops give you and your class the opportunity to build relationships through talk, play, drama and active listening.  Based on the needs of the children or young people, we will build a course that develops much needed social and emotional skills. We build the learning objectives from discussions with you about where your pupils are and what their needs are. 

The sessions are run in a circle, usually with everyone sat on chairs.

What’s included?


  • Weekly facilitated sessions exploring how to make and keep friendships, comfortable and uncomfortable feelings and behaviours, and what to do when when things go wrong.
  • Session plans shared with teaching staff.
  • Evaluation report.

Friendship Buddies

Establishing a team of Friendship Buddies on the school playground can give pupils a valuable role that develops their emotional literacy by helping younger children who are isolated or needing help.

What’s involved?

The three mornings’ training includes:

  • Helping children and the lead member of staff build a tool kit of games
  • Support children with strategies including how to approach a child who seems lonely or left out
  • Affirmation of the children in their role
  • Helping children to understand the boundaries of their role through simple safeguarding measures

What’s included?

During the sessions, the facilitator will mix a variety of simple games, interspersed with the more demanding aspects of what the children needed to practise using both small group work and whole circle work.

  • Training for 12 pupils and lead staff member for friendship buddies.
  • 45 minute briefing for either lunchtime supervisors or full staff team.
  • Evaluation report

What are the benefits?

  • Staff spend less time responding to friendship incidents during and after lunch
  • Staff have a greater understanding of students’ experiences and relationships
  • Pupils develop confidence and social skills
  • Pupils develop stronger communication skills
  • Pupils experiences support from a team
  • Pupils develop skills for life
  • Pupils have an opportunity to take some responsibility
  • Pupils have chance to find a solution that works for them
  • Pupils experience the satisfaction of helping their peers
  • There is a more peaceful school environment
  • A well-supported friendship buddy scheme helps to build a more inclusive, more peaceful environment for young people.

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