• We want a world where people are equipped to deal peacefully and creatively with the inevitable conflicts that arise for all of us.

          We work with schools, units, clubs, committees, teams, collectives and groups of people regardless of age or anything else.

          We support people within communities to build, strengthen and repair relationships at all levels.

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Meet the Team

Sara Hagel


As Director, Sara is always interested to hear from people who would like to work on peace in new ways or old ways with new audiences! She also carries the brief for fundraising, networking, strategy, policy and general running of the charity. 

She has has worked as Director for Peacemakers for 10 years, seeing the organisation grow and adapt to new challenges and needs.  She has a background in human rights activism, working for Amnesty International for 10 years building membership capacity around the world. She also has a past life in publishing, and is very happy to have been part of producing Peacemaker’s first published resource, Learning for Peace!

Heather Rowlands

Programme Manager

Heather has a lifelong interest in peaceful solutions to conflicts. She has had involvement with Peacemakers for some time, having been appointed by Quakers to serve on the Management Committee; and has recently joined the team in the role of Programmes and Projects Manager.

She has worked with primary aged children for most of her working life, most recently as assistant head teacher at a school in Birmingham where she led on behaviour and welfare – helping children feel happy and safe. The work of Peacemakers offers hope and a way to make a difference.

Libbs Packer

Schools’ Co-ordinator

Libbs has worked with children of all ages in a variety of settings, as an adult ESOL teacher and currently works with asylum seekers and refugees at a meet and greet project. Knowing that she wanted to work with children of different ages in less formal settings than just the classroom, Libbs was pleased to learn about the Peacemakers’ work in schools and join the team.

“I have learnt so much through Peacemakers and really enjoy working with children to help them build positive relationships in school, which will hopefully filter through into their lives, as it has into mine!”

Yvonne Hunt

Office Manager

Hello, this is a tremendous opportunity to support Peacemakers work; I will oversee the day to day functions of the office. 

My sixth sense for office excellence, has been gained over 20 years working in SME’s, improving office environments in Europe and Southern Asia. I’m an expert multi-tasker and the most organised person I know!  My past work has provided the perfect foundation for what I’m doing now.

In my spare time, I’m active in my community and happily volunteer my time for local schools. I like hanging out with my daughters (when they want to hang out with me!)  

Whatever your Peacemaking need, call me on 0121 236 4796

Associate Trainers

Anna Gregory

Anna is a dynamic facilitator with on the ground experience of leading restorative culture change programmes in schools and Local Authority teams (SEND, Education and Educational Psychology). Anna worked as a Programme Director for nearly 10 years at Peacemakers before moving on but remains an enthusiastic Associate. With over 10 years’ experience supporting schools in the UK and Europe to develop a restorative way of working, Anna specialises in the development of a whole school approach to restorative practices. Anna is a restorative practitioner accredited through the Restorative Justice Council.

Helen Carvalhido-Gilbert

Helen joined the Peacemakers team in 2017 and has worked as a facilitator and trainer in the fields of conflict transformation, peace education, restorative approaches and interfaith for over 10 years. She has worked with a range of charitable, community and public sector organisations. Helen loves working with groups using participatory methodologies that empower people as learners, unleashing the wisdom of people’s  lived experience and helping make  transformation possible.

Jackie Zammit

Jackie has worked with young people on development issues for many years. She joined Peacemakers eager to work on peace and conflict as a key theme of global citizenship.

“Some children find it difficult to express their feelings or to build meaningful relationships with the children or adults around them.” says Jackie “It is often those children who will say something unexpected or thoughtful, and give you something to think about long after the sessions have finished. I value those moments. The group dynamics change over the weeks and it’s great to see children’s confidence grow.”

Jivan Thomas-Newman

Jivan brings a broad and extensive background to Peacemakers, having served as a primary school PE teacher/mentor, swimming teacher, and a PSHE/science workshop leader. Being based in the West Midlands, he enjoys engaging with its diverse communities, whilst passionately travelling the country to expose more pupils to learning opportunities.

Jivan’s nurturing lesson delivery fosters belonging and confidence, creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, this ensures pupils reach their full potential.

As an Associate Trainer, Jivan utilises his extensive experience to effectively build robust teams in schools, promoting the cultivation of peaceful values in schools.

Lynn Morris

One of the Peacemaker’s most experienced trainers, Lynn has worked in Peace Education since 2004 and also works extensively in drama in education as a writer, director, performer and workshop leader. She loves adapting her drama skills to meet the needs of Peacemaker work and feels privileged to work in such a rewarding field-she has also got to know the city of Birmingham and its surrounding conurbation very well indeed!

Mike Ogunnusi

Mike joined the Peacemakers Project in 2011, and quickly become very involved. With a background in youth and community development, Mike found the project appealing because he’d always been enthusiastic about peace education academically and professionally, and was pleased to have the opportunity to put it into practice.“Once I’d found out more about Peacemakers, I became really enthusiastic about being involved in what was happening in the formal education setting. Seeing the processes in action while I was training was really motivational.”

Nishi Pankhania

Nishi has worked with young people for the past 15 years. She enjoys giving them the space to explore and develop their thoughts and ideas on issues that affect them. She also has an interest in women’s confidence coaching. Nishi’s background is in student support and coaching and these aspects of her work led her to Peacemakers where she has found a tangible way to help young people develop the core skills needed for a peaceful school and beyond.

Paul Tucker

Paul has worked worked with children, young people, families and communities in a variety of roles and settings for over 25 years. He currently works part time as a youth and community development worker in Weoley Castle, Birmingham, where he also lives and facilitates a local network called Love Weoley Castle. He really enjoys the Peacemakers approach in enabling young people to resolve conflict positively and build empathy for others. And he continues to follow the fortunes, or otherwise, of Stalybridge Celtic Football Club, despite having moved away 30 years ago!

Rosie Lancaster

Rosie is a conflict facilitator for third sector organisations, working with groups, and in the implementation of conflict resilient systems. Having spent many years living and working in community projects, she understands the importance of skills that support group cohesion and personal resilience. What has led her to Peacemakers is seeing that if young people are taught self awareness, and how to work effectively in groups, they can maximise their potential in the world. Rosie also works with Mind Mental Health Charity, and as a psychotherapist in the NHS. She has a long standing meditation practice and runs outdoor, ecology – based practice retreats to support individuals in both personal and collective peace.

Jacqui Shankly

Jacqui is a also a Play and Filial Therapist, Creative Supervisor and Trainer in the fields of Play and Restorative Attachment. Previously she has worked as a Community Musician and workshop leader, working in schools and settings throughout the West Midlands and she has over 30 years experience supporting positive mental health, wellbeing and connection through the sharing of play, creativity and song