• We want a world where people are equipped to deal peacefully and creatively with the inevitable conflicts that arise for all of us.

          We work with schools, units, clubs, committees, teams, collectives and groups of people regardless of age or anything else.

          We support people within communities to build, strengthen and repair relationships at all levels.

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Learning for Peace

Foundations for Peace

Part 1 of the book lays out some of the theory behind the approaches and activities. What is peace education? What is SMSC? What is the relationship between the two?
CPD Stimulus: What is a peaceful school? (Pg 9)

In 2013 Peacemakers co-hosted a conference with The Peaceful Schools Movement, bringing together teachers and other educators. This is a clip from the conference.

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CPD Stimulus: Building a Peaceful School (Pg 9)

John of Rolleston Primary School has been using Learning for Peace for several years. Watch this video to hear teachers and children talking about it.

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Toolkit for Peace: Approaches & Games

Activities: Developing Inner Peace

I Statements

The Case Crusaders demonstrate how to use I statements

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Activities: Peaceful Choices

2.10 Diamond Ranking

For this activity you can use the Needs Cards or the Rights and Responsibilities cards downloadable from this page

Activities: Peaceful Relationships

Activities: Peaceful Actions & Behaviours

4.2 What is Conflict?

See the two-headed monster on Sesame Street, talking about conflict

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4.5 Conflict – Being Stubborn

An animated version of the story ‘The Zax’ by Dr Seuss.

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Activities: Peaceful Communities

Big Questions

Inner Peace: Can you be too nice?

As well as the activities in Learning for Peace, you could use this picture book, Too Nice by Marjorie White Pellegrino. The link takes you to a free downloadable resource for use with the book, by the American Psychological Association

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Peaceful Actions & Behaviours

Is it OK to fall out with someone? Use the a clip from Toy Story to explore an argument between Buzz and Woody.

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