• We want a world where people are equipped to deal peacefully and creatively with the inevitable conflicts that arise for all of us.

          We work with schools, units, clubs, committees, teams, collectives and groups of people regardless of age or anything else.

          We support people within communities to build, strengthen and repair relationships at all levels.

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Long standing relationships with schools

Work continued to concentrate on 10 week courses in a variety of schools – some with a long standing relationship to the project, some new – together with some one-off events. In 2004, for example, the Project worked in nine schools where it had worked previously and four new; in 2005 work was done in 16 school.

Alice Meager, Project Director from 2001 – 2009 comments: “QPEP has enormous potential which it has been slow to realise, but if one child in one classroom is able to use his skills in a difficult conflict situation with success, at any time in his life, the Project will be a huge success. Those of us who have been involved, in whatever capacity, do not need to know about individual successes of this kind. We already know the skills are there in the experience of the large numbers of young people and professionals with whom we have worked.”