• We want a world where people are equipped to deal peacefully and creatively with the inevitable conflicts that arise for all of us.

          We work with schools, units, clubs, committees, teams, collectives and groups of people regardless of age or anything else.

          We support people within communities to build, strengthen and repair relationships at all levels.

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Author: Anna

  • Peace Platform Event

    As part of our Minus Violence Plus Peace Project we worked with groups of young people to provoke discussions around peace as a counter to the violence experienced daily in music, on TV and in relationships. In these sessions the young people shared their thoughts about the idea of minus violence plus peace. Some of…

  • Minus Violence Plus Peace Photography Programme

    Minus Violence Plus Peace Photography Programme

    In 2018 Peacemakers was successful in getting a grant from the Home Office from its Anti-Knife Community fund for a new project we have called Minus Violence Plus Peace. This project is preventative in nature, aimed at young people at risk of becoming involved in life threatening behaviour including gangs, knives and serious youth violence.…

  • Climate Justice for the next generation!

    Climate Justice for the next generation!

    A few weeks ago school students around the UK went on strike, taking the streets to protest against climate change. With an estimated 15,000 young people taking part, we at Peacemakers and Peace Hub were inspired to host our next Junior Peacemakers workshop around this very subject. On the 8th and 11th February, Peacemakers and…

  • Peer Mediation Network Training Approval

    Peer Mediation Network Training Approval

    Peer Mediation Network Training Approval We are delighted to announce that the Peer Mediation Network has received approval from The College of Mediators for its training! We have comprised a video of interviews from fellow members of The College of Mediators, along with Peer Mediators to celebrate this massive achievement.    

  • Bus Campaign 2018

      ‘Love, Live and Forgive this Christmas’   This is the Junior Peacemakers message being shared on 70 buses over the city this Christmas for four weeks from the 10th December 2018. Four pupils from Kings Norton Primary, Oasis Foundry, Paganel Primary and Greenfield school took part in the ‘Peace in the City’ project ran…

  • Minus Violence Plus Peace

    Minus Violence Plus Peace

    Home Office Funding In partnership with Anti-Youth Violence, Peacemakers has been awarded Home Office funding to facilitate a pilot project in up to four schools in Birmingham. We hope to work across Primary and Secondary for this unique project designed to reduce violence and equip young people to deal peacefully and creatively with the conflicts…

  • 2017 Annual Report

    2017 Annual Report

    The 2017 Annual Report is now available to download now. Please contact us at the office if you would like to receive a printed copy and we will be happy to send you one.

  • Newsletter 20 – Summer 2018

    Newsletter 20 – Summer 2018

    Click here to download our Summer 2018 newsletter

  • Home Office Funding

    We’ve just found out we’ve been awarded funding from the Home Office’s Anti-knife crime Community Fund. We’ll be partnering up with Ray Douglas from Anti Youth Violence to create a special project called +Peace – Violence. We’ll be approaching Birmingham secondary and primary schools soon to talk through ideas and ways of working.