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Online workshop – Introduction to running circles in the primary classroom

This is a single event.


The use of apps and breakout worked well. I liked the way you made the structure and principles pertinent to current situation. Thank you. Two hours very well spent”

“This has been absolutely wonderful today! You’ve presented and shared so many wonderful ideas and approaches and inspired me so much with your generous and trusting facilitation and thoughtful activities. Sincere thanks.”

This is some of the feedback we received from our first online workshop earlier in July. Following on from this we are offering the same workshop again on Thursday 23rd July.  There will be opportunities to share experiences of circle work and to consider how we can adapt our circles with social distancing in mind.

Circles offer a space for reflection, for fun and for building and strengthening relationships in school. During this period of lockdown, children and adults in school will have experienced a range of emotions and events in their lives. Circles can bring people together and allow everyone to reconnect, discover and support one another.

This is a basic introduction to circles for those who have never used them before or for those who want to refresh their practice. If you are already familiar with facilitating circles, then please consider sharing this with colleagues in school who may be new to it.  We will offer a structure for planning, access to resources and ideas to get you started, in a relaxed session.

Thursday 23rd July, 13:30-15:30, London UK time,  on Zoom. Click the Register Here button to book your place.