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Climate Justice for the next generation!

A few weeks ago school students around the UK went on strike, taking the streets to protest against climate change. With an estimated 15,000 young people taking part, we at Peacemakers and Peace Hub were inspired to host our next Junior Peacemakers workshop around this very subject.

On the 8th and 11th February, Peacemakers and the Peace Hub hosted their Climate Justice Junior Peacemakers workshops. A popular subject, with the event selling out within days of the release.

Each day consisted of four children from three local schools discussing and creating posters to share their new found knowledge about climate justice. Throughout the day pupils thought about: their beloved local environment, the current global situation, how people and places increase climate change and what this will mean for places they want to protect. The pupils took inspiration from the case study of Lesein Yes, a Kenyan teenager who promises to continue planting a tree with every football score he makes. We also looked at Jaden Anthony from New York who is creating comic books, educating people about climate change, donating a $1 with each sale. Upon hearing these amazing stories the pupils wanted to come up with ways that they can help climate justice. Some of the many ideas included; composting, growing their own food, reducing plastic packaging, using reusable cups and setting targets to reduce their energy usage. The pupils shared their excitement at spreading the news to their school and family, implementing their ideas and making a change.