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          We support people within communities to build, strengthen and repair relationships at all levels.

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Learning for Peace book

Learning for Peace

A guide to developing outstanding SMSC in your Primary School

Learning for Peace includes a book and access to  resources for primary schools wanting to bring fresh approaches to pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. SMSC dovetails with the core ideas of Education for Peace which are presented through 5 themes – Inner Peace, Peaceful Choices, Peaceful Actions and Behaviours; Peaceful Relationships and Peaceful Communities.

Part 1 of the resource, Foundation for Peace, explores this relationship and includes ideas for planning around a spiral curriculum. Part 2 is the Toolkit which shares approaches, games and activities which we use in schools on a daily basis.

The book and costs £30 plus P&P, £20 per copy if you buy 3 or more.

Click on the button to access the downloadable resources that support the activities in the book. 

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Peacemakers offers training to accompany the book and help your school get the most from it.

Our trainers can visit your school to share the approaches and help with planning for this work

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