• We want a world where people are equipped to deal peacefully and creatively with the inevitable conflicts that arise for all of us.

          We work with schools, units, clubs, committees, teams, collectives and groups of people regardless of age or anything else.

          We support people within communities to build, strengthen and repair relationships at all levels.

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Have you seen our Junior Peacemakers bus poster? 

Here at Peacemakers we are all about building peaceful communities.  

We also want to be part of spreading positivity and promoting peace in the city.

To do this our Junior Peacemakers from Kings Norton Primary, Oasis Foundry, Paganel Primary and Greenfield School designed bus posters with their slogan: 

‘Love, Live and Forgive this Christmas’

With the help and encouragement from the Junior Peacemakers bus poster we aim to stimulate a conversation discussing what brings people peace in the city.


Here is where some of us Peacemakers find #peaceinthecity:


Earlier this year our Junior Peacemakers planted flowers in our staff carpark. Watching them grow brings us peace in the city. 



This is where our Peacemaker Anna walks her dog and finds peace in the City.




A park full of wildlife is where our peacemaker Libbs finds peace, surrounded by nature and walking her dog.




Peacemaker Sym passes the Queen Elizabeth Hospital every day. Seeing Christmas trees on each floor brings her peace.



Peacemaker Jackie found peace in the city at Anawim.



Share your #peaceinthecity!

Join us in bringing some positivity into the city, tell us what or where brings you peace. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to join the conversation! Don’t forget to hashtag #peaceinthecity!


Please share with us when you spot the Junior Peacemakers Bus Poster too!