An Introduction to Restorative Approaches in School ***FULLY BOOKED***

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Costs: £50


This online introductory restorative practice training course is for people working in education at all levels. It will provide participants with the background knowledge and skills that are required to use informal restorative practices in their day to day work. The course will introduce participants to the philosophy and language of restorative practices. It also engages participants in identifying how to apply this innovative and relational way of dealing with conflict into their daily work.

The training day is experiential with a mix of theory, skills practice and small group work people have come to expect from Peacemakers. The trainer will model a variety of restorative practices for the group and share resources to be used in class the next day.

The group size will be limited to 8 participants to allow for discussion and to be able to take into account, the context you are working in.

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