COVID-19 Response

We all have this one issue in common right now: the pandemic of Covid 19, how it affects us and how we respond to it in our personal lives, our work settings, in our schools and shared spaces. We are all in the same storm, though as someone pointed out, we are not all in the same boat.

Peacemakers works closely with a number of schools and has been very aware that the uncertainty of when and how schools will fully re-open is a looming question. How do we deal with the many, varied and strong needs that will come together in classrooms, staff-rooms, corridors and playgrounds?

Peacemakers has been thinking about this from a peace/restorative perspective with a like-minded group of collaborators. RESTORE is the fruit of this work. Working together has been a wonderful experience of co-operation and shared experience and expertise. We hope it is a useful contribution. More can be found at

If any school would like to discuss how this might look in their school with us, at training or resources available, then please look at our pages ‘What We Do’ on this website to see if anything would help or email [email protected].

We have put these resources together which offer circle sessions using the RESTORE theme. They are free to download, however if you are able to make a contribution towards the cost of putting it together, or towards our work in general, then your donation will be gratefully received. Thank you.


Click here to make a contribution towards the cost of this resource.Thank you


As a small contribution for these difficult times, we are also making the pdf of our popular resource for primary schools, Learning for Peace, available free as a pdf download. It is full of games and activities for social and emotional learning, which will be so needed to cope with the aftermath of this experience.

Click here for other free resources.

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